The greatest mission of my life…

The greatest mission of my life…

The greatest mission of my life has always been music; This is the one thing that moves me and inspires me. I always thought that, music was all I needed. However, now I have realized that there is something more; A spark that gives my life a purpose and an inspiration that makes whatever one does to be beautiful, committed and in the best possible manner. That spark is connected to the essence of who I truly am and not necessarily to what I do.

When you find that spark that “gives life to a life”, it is only then, that whatever you do really makes sense. For me, music has always had a deep and profound meaning. Thus, if it is not full of virtue, hence, it is not virtuous then and, if it is not there to serve, it loses all its meaning.

Undeniably, having discovered this, has been simply beautiful and challenging. However, the world today does not need me to be the best orchestral conductor or a better violinist. Clearly, what is really important, is that one could do whatever one desires, but the key, is to do it with extreme excellence. Nevertheless, what the world today requires, is for me to be, a good, honest and humble person and then, whatever I were to do, would leave a mark which pertains to the very essence of who I am.

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